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Mobile Robotics? If
we heard this term back in the day, we would have just laughed it off. It is
very much possible and not surprising at all in the modern era. As each day
progresses, we hear about new technological inventions and how they are
changing lives.

What is Mobile Robotics?

Before we explore more about the subject, it would be unfair
not to tell you what it is first. Mobile robots are a lethal combination of
Artificial Intelligence and physical robotic elements. Their movement and
activity are controlled via software.

Mobile Robots are taking over the world, especially the
business sector, the human workforce is being replaced with robots. They can be
used as an assistant for tasks that are hard for human beings to comprehend or


Types of Mobile Robotics

It is a fairly large world, it would be foolish to think that
Mobile Robotics can not be classified in more than one way. Following are the
two main types


Guided Mobile Robots

As the name suggests, these mobile robots require a set of
instructions to move and do their job.


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Autonomous Mobile Robots move, work and explore surroundings on
their own without any external direction or guidance system.

That’s not it! Mobile Robotics, a technological field so large
would not be so simple to just be summarized into two types. Different examples
of mobile robots are

Aerial Robots

Polar Robots

Land or Home Robots

Underwater Robots

Transportation and Delivery Robot


What constitutes physical mobile
robotic elements?

It differs for each robot and for what purpose it is built for.
The common physical elements used for mobile robots are






Not all mobile robots incorporate similar functions, it depends
mostly on what it is built to do. Mostly, the features of mobile
are correlated to a specific goal or a certain task. Here,
we list out some of the common core features in mobile robots.

Wireless communication, controlled with software that uses

Programmed to sense the change in the working space or

Integrated task-oriented programming and company’s
supervisory software

Features Independent navigation, planning, safety, and


Uses Of Mobile Robotics

Mobile robotics covers a wider area of application, from a
household to a nuclear power plant. From everyday situations to terror
prevention, disaster control, and military use. It would be impossible, to sum
up, the functions in just a few sentences.

Cleaning up the house

Clearing and diffusing explosion devices and weaponry

Used for conveyance, monitoring, and surveillance

Assisting doctors in the medical field



It is not all things sweet, there are a few limitations as

Not accessible or affordable by everyone

Restricted functioning or task-performing abilities.

Not everyone understands how to operate them.

Repairing cost


Putting it all together,
many people who are into technology have been venturing into this business.
The robot manufacturing business is booming, search UK Robot
to get
information or buy a mobile robot. You will find reliable developers who have
invented some very cool, user-friendly mobile robots.

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