How to Hang Felt Board Tiles

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How to Hang Felt Board Tiles

you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to spruce up your walls, consider
felt board  tiles have to offer. This unique
material is fun, comes in a wide range of colors, dampens excess sound, and is
surprisingly easy to hang up and install on any wall in your home or office.
They’re also easy to remove and modify so you can keep your interior design
fresh and exciting. Felt board tiles are ideal for any room in your house and
can even enhance your workspace or home office. They’re that versatile.


what exactly are felt board tiles? What are their benefits and how easily,
really, are they to hang up and install? We Here, we’re answering all these
questions and taking a closer look at the many benefits of using felt board
tiles to decorate your home or office.


tiles are the ideal material for decorating your walls. This innovative
material is easy to hang, simple to clean, and even works to absorb excess
noise. This means that you can easily turn the noisiest room in your house into
the quietest—perfect for a kid’s room or that new home office so many of us have
had to put together.


board tiles also add texture, color, and warmth to your walls. The extensive
color palette ensures that these felt tiles will match (and enhance) your own
personal décor and style. The chamfered edges also make the edges seamlessly


board tiles are surprisingly easy to hang and install. In five easy steps, you
can completely transform any wall in your home or office with color, texture,
and warmth. Here’s a brief walkthrough on how to hang and install felt board

1.            Level for your first felt

The first step for your felt board installation is marking a
straight line. Use a level (or any long, flat surface will do) to measure and
level the first tile. Use a pencil to mark the top edge of where your first
tile will be hung. Getting this first tile aligned properly is important for
the rest of your project.

2.            Peel off the adhesive tabs.

Next, peel off the adhesive tabs and apply them to the
backside of your felt tile. Smooth out the tab with your thumb or a small,
solid object (a credit card works well). Then you can peel off the backer on
the wall facing side of your felt tile.

3.            Align your felt board tiles.

Take your felt tile and align the top edge with the line you
drew in the first step of the installation. It’s helpful to start with the top
edge as it’s easier to lower the tile into place instead of the other way
around. However, if you do happen to make an alignment mistake, you can always
re-stick the tile with extra adhesive tabs.

4.            Press firmly.

With your felt tile in place, press against the wall and
apply firm pressure to the tile for about 30 seconds. After applying pressure,
take a step back to ensure that your felt tile is properly aligned before
moving on to the next one.

5.            Enjoy your new design.

This last step is the most fun. Once you’ve aligned and
pressed all your felt board tiles into place, you can step back, 
Marketing relax, and enjoy your new space.
Take in the color, texture, and improved sound control of your room. You can
also take advantage of the versatility of your new wall surface by pinning some
of your favorite photographs or important papers or reminders.


Maintenance of your felt board is also a breeze. You can
vacuum the felt tiles about once a year to keep them clean. If the tiles get
wet, simply dab the spot dry with a dry or damp cloth.


only are felt tiles easy to hang up and install, but this innovative material
has many additional benefits. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of using
felt board tiles for your next décor project at home, your office, or any other
space you can imagine.

1.            Sound dampening quality.

We could all use a little more peace and quiet in our lives.
Felt tile boards can help you achieve this. Felt tiles have a noise reduction
coefficient (NRC) of 0.35, which means that this material absorbs roughly 35
percent of incoming sound waves. This can make a dramatic difference for any
room in your home. It’s also an effective way to silence excess noise to help
increase productivity in an office or working space.

2.            Wide range of colors.

Felt tile boards come in a varied color palette so you don’t
have to worry about how these tiles will fit in with your existing décor. Use
the vibrant color of felt tiles to enhance any wall space—perfect for a kid’s
room, study, or even as a chance to add some color to your office.

3.            Completely customizable.

Felt tiles allow for your creativity to take control with
their fully customizable design. Make your room your own with felt tiles that
can be hung up in any pattern you can imagine. Since they’re so easy to install
and then modify and change if needed, you can keep your space exciting and new
with felt board tiles.


you’re looking to transform your living or working space, look no further than
a felt tile board. This innovative material can make any wall more colorful and
vibrant. The 
sound dampening  quality of these felt tiles can
also enhance privacy, improve your home entertainment experience, or turn the
noisiest room in your home into the quietest one.


our walkthrough shows, felt tiles are also incredibly easy to hang and install
on any wall surface. With so many benefits and easy installation, there’s
really just one question left: what are you waiting for?



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