4 questions you should ask an SEO firm before hiring one

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4 questions you should ask an SEO firm before hiring one

Many times, when you’re enquiring about a package from the SEO firm, you end up choosing one without procuring proper information. Doing so can be a great mistake. It can lead to loss of money as well as time.

When you’re taking quotations from different SEO firms, it is essential to ask them the right questions. Only once you do so you can get the right information to make your decision. Today, we will share with you four such questions that you should ask a SEO firm.

1. What is the most challenging keyword you have ranked?

Many business owners make the mistake of just asking from the firm regarding their experience. The experience in a holistic way does not matter. You have to enquire from the firm regarding the most difficult keywords for which they have ranked to their clients.

The answer to this question will provide you insights into the true prowess of the company. Only when they have ranked much harder keywords than yours, should you go ahead and choose that company. Otherwise, you should look for another company that has ranked for harder keywords.

2. Do you have any experience in ranking websites in my industry?

Ideally, choosing a company that has ranked a website in your industry is always beneficial. They know the industry in and out. Not only that, they are familiar with the base competition as well. It will not be trial and error for them to rank your website. They can do so directly since they have done so in the past as well.

You need to make sure that they are not working directly with one of your competitors. You can ask them about the same as well. As long as they are not working with one of your competitors, you can hire them to work on your website.

3. What is the usual time it takes to rank keywords with similar competition to mine?

Time is of essence when it comes to SEO. If it takes a couple of years for the keywords to rank, there is no point in hiring a company for the same.

Of course, ranking keywords is not an overnight phenomena as well. It can easily take anywhere from 4 months to 8 months. However, you need to ask about the same from the SEO, before hiring them. Once you do so, it becomes really easy for you to understand the time frame which you are looking at. Otherwise, you will be in the dark when it comes to the time frame of ranking.

4. Do you employ any spammy techniques to rank websites?

When you’re hiring an SEO company, it is a good idea to hire one which can rank your website for the longer term. It can only do so when it is using white hat techniques to procure the links. If it is just spamming your links across every website which it can find, your rankings will not last for long. In that case, you might not be able to get a positive ROI as well.

To avoid this condition, you have to ask the SEO company this question. Only when they do not use any spamming techniques, can you go ahead and hire an SEO company. Otherwise, it is best to go with one which uses white hat techniques to rank your website.

Once you asked these 4 questions to a prospective SEO company, it will become easier for you to hire the SEO firm. Instead of just going with the cheapest SEO firm or the one which promises the quickest rankings, you have to take the answers to these 4 questions into account before making the decision.

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