Why do I need CRM software?


Why do I need CRM software?

In the business world, especially where some of the old guard is still in charge, people are quick to question the necessity of things like sales pipeline software and CRM software. Sales CRM software, a somewhat specific niche of CRM applications, especially goes under fire. There are a couple of reasons why people question the necessity of this software, and were going to address those first, before we get into exactly why this software so necessary.

The first thing to note when discussing people’s objections to adopting sales CRM software is the bad taste that the software left in people’s mouths in the old days. This software was unwieldy, heavily proprietary and not a single standard was shared between the different developers. This made migration an unholy ordeal, and it made the software unwieldy and complex and very creative ways. This is a time when the mentality of computers just being complicated wasn’t considered an obstacle to overcome. They were in office tool, and if you were working with them, you are already trained to handle their unnecessary complexity. So, anyone who’s been running a business for some time will balk at adopting new software, when they’re finally used to the clunky old garbage they’ve been running this entire time.

Still others will argue that simple office applications are sufficient. With the proper use, you can achieve what sales pipeline software and CRM software can accomplish through spreadsheets, databases, word processors and various accounting and analytics applications. Yes, you can get the basic core functionality of sales pipeline software and sales CRM software this way, but the moment you make a mistake, this is all going to come down on you like a house of cards. Along with this, you’re missing out on a time of features that would give you a competitive edge in a rather hungry market.

What can modern CRM software do for my business?

Well, let’s look at these two types of software individually here. They are a little different, though they share a lot of functionality. With sales pipeline software, you can track things from a couple different perspectives generally. On one side, you can track acquisition of leads, conversion to customers, and frequent billing or sales of a product, along with the patterns associated with that as well as demographic information and so on.

On the other end, you contract manufacturing, supply, inventory, shipment and even things like production runs and defects, though a lot of the latter is handled through interoperability with other production line applications. That brings up an important point, with sales pipeline software above all else, you need that interoperability – that is the ability to communicate seamlessly with other applications – to get the most out of it.

With sales CRM software, it’s a similar thing, though it’s much more robust. Sales pipeline software is a bit one note, where CRM is a bit more multifaceted. Sales CRM software can work alongside pipeline software, and should also offer the same interoperability with external applications for a greater picture of analytics and statistics.

Along with this, it can make sales forecasts, learn from trends, and learn customer habits on a macroscopic and microscopic level alike. This allows you to be more conducive to your customers, identify sources of churn and provide a much faster, more affirmative customer relations experience whatever they call for account inquiries, billing issues or general issues.

Does it really matter?

Yes, absolutely. When it comes to managing your sales, and managing your customer relationships, you can’t slouch. It may cost you a little more to implement the software, and it may require some new training for your associates, but given how easy this software is to learn, this is absolutely no excuse.

Bad CRM can be the end of a business, regardless of how excellent the product or service is. Do you really want to risk it?

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