What to Look for in a Modern Marketing Consultant


What to Look for in a Modern Marketing Consultant

Average people hate marketing and advertising, but that simply because the traditional methods were all extremely obnoxious, and a business worth its salt in modern times knows how to make use of modern technology to advertise and market to the public without being obnoxious about it.

Marketing is necessary, otherwise, how is a business going to make itself known to the public? However, it’s all about how you market, that’s what matters. Old methods were extremely annoying, but at the time, that’s all there really was to work with.

So, when looking for a marketing consultant in Perth, it’s important that you look for one that knows how to utilize non-intrusive, modern digital methods that are far more effective, reach the audience where they’re looking, and don’t take them off the way traditional methods did.

Today, were going to talk about the field of expertise you want your consultant to have. What you want is a digital marketing consultant in Perth, not just a traditional marketing consultant. As a matter of fact, were going to go as far as to say that businesses should simply drop traditional marketing and advertising methods wholesale, right now and get it over with!

Appreciating SEO

First, let’s talk about SEO. This means search engine optimization, or they focus on using trending keywords organically and compelling content, thus gaining a higher visibility in search engine results. This is all about simply putting yourself where the customer is looking, rather than walking up, tapping them on the shoulder, and screaming your presence in their face, which is what traditional advertising methods really felt like.

This is a complicated science, requiring a good writer, and a good keyword research are the knows how to pick the right ones to use.

Unlike commercial interruptions, or telemarketing, both of which make people angry, this is simply a passive, high-visibility approach. When someone wants a product or service, what do they do? They asked their phone, or they go on their browser and search through a traditional search engine like Google, Bing or, believe it or not, occasionally even Yahoo.

Content Is Very Important

You want any digital marketing consultant in Perth to either be capable of extremely high-quality writing, or to have associations with writers who can provide this level of content. When a potential customer clicks your link in a search engine results page, they’re just a lead at this point.

If they look at the page, and they don’t see compelling content, and the keyword stand out too much is very obvious click Bay, they’re going to go away, never having been converted into customers. Content is, therefore, one of the most important things in modern advertising. A traditional marketing consultant in Perth would have told you that a television ad, or a printed ad needed to be memorable and engaging, rather than just boring and instructive. This is why so many commercials over the years had nearly Hollywood budgets, and ratio to the runtime, and often utilized special-effects, humor writers and much more.

So, you want your consultant to understand digital marketing, to prioritize it, and to have access to the best possible content no matter what!


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