Using a Trained NBN Technician for Cabling


Using a Trained NBN Technician for Cabling

Understandably, NBN is quickly taking over how we use phones and the internet not just in our homes but at work too. But to ensure the best performance and the least chance in poor installations or repairs that will impact that service, it means it is important to have private NBN technicians who are well trained, skilled and experienced in the new technology and the role they play. People need to have confidence in the NBN cabling contractors they choose. 

It is the best way to minimise issues and to have the right people to call upon should a problem arise that is outside the network and therefore the service provider’s responsibility, and into the customer’s.

ACMA registered

When using a private trained cable technician to install NBN cabling or make repairs after finding faults you need to make sure they are ACMA registered, ACMA stands for Australian Communications and Media Authority. When you find registered technicians you know they work to a certain standard and have done everything required to go on the list or registered and skilled technicians. When you use them you know you will get a highly skilled and experienced NBN technician you can trust.

Private technicians cannot do anything to the network

Keep in mind that when you are calling a technician from a private company that is to work only on cabling on your property or in your home. So repairing or installing the lead-in cable for example, that runs from your home to the network on the edge of your property either a pole or underground. They can also test things on your side to work out where the fault is and see if it is in your NBN equipment or cabling. They cannot work on the actual network, your service provider has to take care of that. But a good technician will provide you with a full report so you NBN provider cannot try to get out of their responsibility.

Improve your service with a private NBN technician

More than half of those using the internet whether for personal reasons or work can improve their experience if they use the services a private NBN technician can offer. If you are having problems the first step is to call your ISP (internet service provider). They will carry out some network tests and may be able to tell you whether the problem is internal or with them. If they cannot then they will send a technician to assess further. 

If it is a network problem the ISP technician must fix it. If it is judged to be an internal problem with the sockets, cabling or equipment on your property then you need a private technician. Different ISPs are different in how helpful they are and having NBN cabling contractors you can call to handle things can come in handy! It is possible in some cases to get a refund for using a private technician so that is certainly something to check out!

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